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“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” - Albert Einstein

Vidya Vistar Noida - Sector 51

The initiative of Vidya Vistar Noida 51 was undertaken with a motive to teach the children living in Hoshiyarpur village, neighboring Noida Sector 51. The drive behind this project was the eradication of dilapidated social, financial and most importantly, educational condition prevalent in the village. Starting with the kids of the village, the project has been gradually trying to target the uneducated adults, and the volunteers are trying to educationally and culturally uplift the parents of the kids who come to F-56, Sector 51, Noida.

Vidya Vistar Delhi - Kali Bari Marg

On a walk from Vidya Vistar Gole Market and in an attempt to affect the maximum number of underprivileged children across the country, Sarvahitey came across a huge slum settlement in Kali Bari Marg and was apprised of the abhorrent condition of education among the children there. That's when the idea of conception of a new project came in the minds of the members of the NGO.

Vidya Vistar Gurugram - Sector 52

One of Sarvahitey’s members, who stays in Sector 52, Gurugram, Haryana, had a keen eye for opportunities that could be availed in the social service sector, and therefore, on identifying a slum settlement near Sector 52, Gurugram, wherein he found numerous homes of daily wage earners, he sought to avail that opportunity and extend his generous hand towards them.

Vidya Vistar Patna - Anisabad

If you don't take care of your home, how will you take care of the neighborhood? Well, Sarvahitey took this quite literally, and as one of our Trustees is from Patna, Bihar, which is not the most developed cities in India, our attention was driven towards building up the young society in Patna, to develop the city, and thereafter, the State on the lines of Education.

Vidya Vistar Lucknow - Luv Kush Nagar

Established in January, 2018, Vidya Vistar Lucknow started as a platform for targeting the grave condition illiteracy among the slum-dwellers of Lucknow, which has 713 slums in total. With a population of roughly 1500, Luv Kush Nagar has highly dedicated children and Sarvahitey felt the need for establishing a foothold in Lucknow, starting with the nearby Kalyan Apartments.

Vidya Vistar Delhi - Gole Market

We discovered Vidya Vistar Gole Market through a volunteer who used to visit a particular slum establishment in Peshwa Road, Gole Market and help the kids there have a bigger dream for their future. As we visited the slum, met the kids, met the parents, we discovered an opportunity to serve the not-so-lucky brethren there to remove the disparity between them and us.

Vidya Vistar Delhi - Majnu Ka Tila

It is surprising to know, however, that some of the children that we teach at Vidya Vistar Majnu ka Tila are much more culturally grounded than most of the public we come across in Delhi. They are more rooted to their Hindu roots than most Hindus. And their dedication towards education is immensely inspiring.

Vidya Vistar Noida - Sector 126

Sarvahitey started with a lot of members who were then students of Amity Law School, Delhi, and, presently comprises of numerous members who are currently still studying there, pursuing their legal education. These members saw the need for education among the children around Amity University, Sector 125, Noida, where such children roamed around the entire day, loitering aimlessly.

Vidya Vistar Noida - Arya Samaj

Vidya Vistar Arya Samaj was Sarvahitey's first educational project, which was underaken almost alongwith the birth of this NGO. Vidya Vistar Arya Samaj was an initiative, wherein 'Brahmacharis' of Arya Samaj Gurukul, located in Sector 33, Noida, were made aware of all the developments of the world, which they were otherwise unaware of.

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