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We discovered Vidya Vistar Gole Market through a volunteer who used to visit a particular slum establishment in Peshwa Road, Gole Market and help the kids there have a bigger dream for their future. As we visited the slum, met the kids, met the parents, we discovered an opportunity to serve the not-so-lucky brethren there to remove the disparity between them and us.

Since then, it was an uphill journey for us, and a fulfilling journey for them. Volunteers from our Delhi Chapter taught kids residing in the slum with much enthusiasm. The kids there complemented us by perseverant attendance and motivated attitude towards learning.

The volunteers motivated the kids and their parents on Saturdays through events, extra-curricular activities, alternative methods of education and oration, while the young adults were given remedial lessons and had doubt clearing classes. On other days, however, the kids were taught, in distinct batches, their syllabus and curriculum, primarily Maths, English and Hindi basics. These sessions made up for the overall development of the kids, as remedial and preparatory education. With the support of our volunteers and the revered citizens and our patrons, we brought much progress in the slum at Peshwa Road, including non-academic help to the elders and the entire slum.

The best part of this project was, however, the compliments and praises and blessings that we received from the parents when we went there. The pats on our backs and the ‘thank you’s made up for the exhaustion of the previous week and got us ready for the week to come. We see a lot of future in the kids that we taught every week. 

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