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Let us remember; one book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world - Malala Yousafzai

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Under ‘Project Paper Bridge’ Sarvahitey plans to open a total of 1,000 libraries, with focus on 100 in North East India by December, 2020. Apart from setting up new libraries, we also tie-up with existing, underutilized libraries and rejuvenate them. The locations of the libraries cater to geographically and culturally isolated communities. By December 2020, we aim to complete 1000 libraries all across India.


Through these libraries we aim to promote

  •         a culture of reading

  •         capacity building

  •         digital literacy

  •         awareness for various governmental schemes

  •         women and youth empowerment

  •         career counseling

  •         cultural exchange 


We believe that libraries are not an expendable resource but do need to evolve with time and specific requirements of the society. To this end, we first need to provide books and journals that target the specific community and their emerging demands.

The books for our libraries are mostly crowd-sourced. We conduct regular book donation drives in Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, and Kolkata.

When we conduct books collection drives, we also encourage people who are donating books to write a message on it for the people who will be reading these books. We also plan to increase interaction and engagement between people living in far flung, remote area and those residing in metro cities. 

The libraries opened under this project will normally be divided in four stages:

Stage 1 - We start a small library with around 200-1,000 books. 

Stage 2 - In this stage we plan to add computer which can be used by the people to learn excel, word, etc. This will be in line with government’s aim of promoting digital literacy.

Stage 3 - This stage will be implemented if the community is responding well. In this stage we will add a projector which can be used to screen educational and informative videos. At times it can also be used by the community for screening of movies, matches etc.

Stage 4 - This is the final stage of the project under which volunteers from one library will be sent to a library located at a place which is culturally very different.


  • Through these cultural exchange programs we intend to unify India culturally. This will go a long way in reducing prejudices against one another, breaking stereotypes, increasing tourism and investment and much more.

  • We aim to bring different government and private organisations together for this project.

  • These libraries will be owned by the communities and within 3-5 years of establishment of any library we will expect the community to manage the library on its own.

  • These Centers will start as libraries and develop into cultural centers.

Become a Book Soldier today! Come, donate a Book to one of our Book Bunkers!

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