Meet Our Team


Keshav Datta


I don't do social service. I don't do it because the term "social" makes it appear as if I am doing it for someone else

Sanskriti Srivastava


The one who believes in God knows the pain of others. This line explains my reason for doing social work in the simplest way.

Ankit Malhotra


The world as an entity has gone corrupt. Humans have forgotten their purpose long back. 

Prem Prakash


Whenever I see anyone in need of help, my first impulse is to help that person in any circumstances.

Bharat Datta


The human nature, as I've observed, is to merely pass the buck, and that extends to all that is evil and imperfect in our society

Smriti Mehrotra


It is equally endearing and mundane to quote a pre-existing thought, be it in any sphere or life situation.