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On one of our Clothes Donation Drives in Majnu ka Tila, Delhi, Sarvahitey came across a Jhuggi Jhopri Settlement right next to Gurudwara Majnu ka Tila Sahib, and we went to distribute clothes there. Very surprisingly, we found a group of extremely well-mannered recipients there, who dared not break the line to receive anything we had to offer. We got curious.

Upon inquiry, we learnt that a few years back, a few hundred people of the Hindu community migrated from Pakistan, to seek refuge in India, and came to settle here, in Majnu ka Tila. Their children had been recently admitted to schools nearby, but due to the fact that they had missed out on a lot of years of education, their grades and ages did not complement each other.

So, Sarvahitey took the responsibility of teaching them basic Hindi, English and Mathematics, in addition to their curriculum, to bring them at par with their counterparts in the same grade at school. Along with that the children were also taught extra-curricular education, wherein Painting competitions were held, and festivals were also celebrated.

The project culminated when Sarvahitey got all the students enrolled in schools nearby and handed the baton to the Delhi government. However, it was always surprising to know that some of the children that we taught at Vidya Vistar Majnu ka Tila are much more culturally grounded than most of the public we come across in Delhi. They are more rooted to their Hindu roots than most Hindus. And their dedication towards education is immensely inspiring.

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