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If you don't take care of your home, how will you take care of the neighborhood? Well, Sarvahitey took this quite literally, and as one of our Trustees is from Patna, Bihar, which is not the most developed cities in India, our attention was driven towards building up the young society in Patna, to develop the city, and thereafter, the State on the lines of Education.


Having a few more members who hailed from Patna, Sarvahitey coordinated with a few locals there, identified a locality wherein the children of the daily wage earners were enthusiastic to learn and study, and set up a mini school there to facilitate their education and socio-cultural state.


Now, Sarvahitey is proud to host around 40 children in Anisabad, Patna, where they are taught their curriculum and basic education throughout the week and have an activity class on weekends.


The ever-eager members of Sarvahitey teamed up with the enthusiastic children of Anisabad resulted in a flourishing Project, i.e. Vidya Vistar Patna, within a few days. In addition to the mini-school, Sarvahitey is also setting up a full fledged Library, the foundation of which has already been laid with ample number of books already in place in the school premises. Well, Sarvahitey will always be ready to lend support and effort to those who're eager and willing to learn. And this example can be seen at Patna in its fullest might.

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