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The underprivileged can only be pulled out of the Cycle of Poverty by way of education. We intend to provide proper education, awareness, and impart necessary skills to all those need it.

We aim to provide Employable Skills to 10000 students through our Project 'Vidya Vistar', and set up 1000 libraries by end of 2025 our Project 'Paper Bridge'.


We are a group of Young Adults, having entered the social arena to do 'Good for All', a.k.a. Sarvahitey. We come from diverse backgrounds such as Law, Marketing, Business Development, Policy, and Design. We started this organisation during our college days, with nothing but dreams and passion as our fuel. Now we have blossomed into a professional organisation, working with Corporates and Government Institutions to work on scalable welfare projects.


The Advisory Board is another proud segment of the Organization. The Advisory Board boasts of well achieved individuals coming from all walks of life who have taken the responsibility of maximising the Impact of all our Projects. 


 Hundreds of Volunteers and Interns work with us on a regular basis and donate their time. You can do too! Social Service should be part of our everyday lives, and as normal and regular of an activity like combing your hair or having a cup of tea. Teaching a child, or donating a book is everyone's cup of tea, and we can help curate that experience fr you. Reach out to us!

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