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Vidya Vistar Arya Samaj was Sarvahitey's first educational project, which was underaken almost alongwith the birth of this NGO. Vidya Vistar Arya Samaj was an initiative, wherein 'Brahmacharis' of Arya Samaj Gurukul, located in Sector 33, Noida, were made aware of all the developments of the world, which they were otherwise unaware of. The children there were students who lived miles away from their homes, in a traditional hostel, in a campus where primary focus is assigned to Sanskrit language, and the ideals of Arya Samaj. Even the students affectionately attach to themselves a title of 'Arya'.

Under this project, classes were organized on a weekly basis, where volunteers of Sarvahitey took 5 hour long sessions with the Brahamacharis, and tried to fill the voids in the knowledge base of the kids, by focusing on: Current Affairs all around the world; Course material of their classes, for enhancement of their academic education; and Solving their personal and typical queries regarding various topics.

The main objective of this initiative was to improve the resource capacity of the students who studied there, while also uplifting their personality traits, which obviously mature when given more exposure. The students studying there came from humble backgrounds, yet, with their profound support and dedication, coupled with regularity and perseverance of the volunteers, over months, Sarvahitey saw a marginal difference in their approach to education as such. We also saw an acute growth in the level of their dreams, which fortunately, became bigger day by day; with the constant support of donors and volunteers, we wished to bridge the gaps between their dreams and material reality.

Notably, and much to Sarvahitey’s pleasure, the NGO managed to culminate the project in a successful manner, by getting more regular teachers employed at the school, as well as introducing e-learning and education through computers. Sarvahitey is proud to have attained its goals and bring Vidya Vistar Arya Samaj to fruition

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