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Assam Floods 2017

Even though the Assam Floods have been termed as an Annual Tragedy, it is sad to see no empathy or media coverage towards them. Despite the fact that more than 80 souls have already succumbed to the might of the Brahmaputra, and 17 Lakh people have been affected in around 2500 Villages and 25 Districts, with the Displacement of the people and Loss of Property, it has not been brought to social recognition, and has failed to instil empathy towards our brothers in despair.

Library for the children of Babupur, Haryana

Sarvahitey, with the help of civil servants and govt. officials of Babupur in Nuh District (erstwhile Mewat), Haryana, have successfully procured efforts and sanction to start a Library in the pursuit of spreading education and awareness in a country where even literacy is luxury. 100 Kms from the National Capital, Delhi, in a village where there is but one Government school with 230 students and only 3 teachers, educating a girl child is still a challenge because of the highly patriarchal society.

20 Volunteers in Noida Are Using Their Evenings to Make Learning Fun for Underprivileged Children!

What happens in the village of Hoshiyarpur at the stroke of five, as daylight gives way to dusk? Learning coupled with fun! These aren’t the usual tuition classes or coaching centres that make children dread the thought of studying itself, but a gathering of 20 residents, and 70 children, who share a collective interest towards education that comes with lot of fun and frolic! Vidya Vistar, as the initiative is called, is a campaign led by Sarvahitey, an NGO that believes in enhancing the basic living conditions of the underprivileged.

How These Amazing Students Are Fighting For The Rights Of Underprivileged Kids

If you are a student of mass communication, you need to constantly keep working and get as much hands-on experience as possible. Six of my friends and I, all from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, realised that if we have to work, we should contribute to something that makes an impact. And so it began. We got in touch with an NGO called Sarvahitey and collaborated with them to start a campaign called Barefoot Dreams in Jhuggi Camp, Gole Market. Little did we know that what started off as work would mean so much to us someday.

And they named it -‘Sarvahitey’…

The founders of Sarvahitey have not only brought in such friends, who, though busy with their own professional, social and personal lives, had the zeal to serve the society but also developed Sarvahitey from a nascent initiative to an adolescent organization, such that people from all walks of life could devote just a few hours every week, and could still make a positive change in the lives of others.

Amazing!! Isn’t it?

Barefoot Dreams: Helping Underprivileged Kids Build a Better Future, One Dream at a Time

7 college students from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University are helping pave a brighter path for the kids in the slums of Gole Market. Through the initiative named ‘Barefoot Dreams’ these students thrive to be the bridge between the ability to dream and the lack of opportunities faced by these children.

When Childhood Dreams Come True With Barefoot Dreams!

There is nothing that cannot be accomplished- there simply isn’t! You just need to make up your mind and go forth with the strongest determination to make it work. And if your motivation is the priceless smiles in the innocent eyes of kids who have been born into financially deprived backgrounds, the payoff can only be valued in intangibles. 

Professionals come together to teach underprivileged students in Noida’s Sector 51

As the clock strikes five in the evening, there is a flurry of activity in Hoshiyarpur village of Sector 51 as a group of around seventy children flock to their learning ground where a group of 20 residents teaches them mathematics and science with the help of a projector. The group comprises of students, lawyers, engineers and BPO workers, who have turned the two hours of teaching students into a fun-filled interactive session to promote critical thinking.

Why an NGO planning Community Centres in Nagaland?

No wonder, why Community Center is the must-have infrastructure in the society. Keeping this point in mind an NGO named “Sarvahitey” decided to set-up these centres in two beautiful cities of Nagaland, Mokochung and Tuensang. Sarvahitey has already accomplished the similar dream in other parts of India, including Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

जिले का विकास सरकार की सर्वोच्च प्राथमिकता : राम बिलास

प्रदेश के शिक्षामंत्री राम बिलास शर्मा ने कहा भाजपा नूंह जिले के विकास में कोई कमी नहीं रहने देगी। उन्होंने ¨हदू-मुस्लिम एकता का संदेश देते हुए कहा ¨हदू हो या मेव हम सबकी रगों में एक ही दादा व परदादा का खून है। हम में से कोई भगवान रामचंद्र की तो कोई श्रीकृष्ण की संतान हैं। मंत्री नूंह के किड्स हेवन इंग्लिश स्कूल के एक कार्यक्रम में बतौर मुख्य अतिथि बोल रहे थे। कार्यक्रम में उनका जोरदार स्वागत किया गया। इस दौरान एमडीए के चेयरमैन खुर्शीद राजाका का सम्मान भी किया गया।

International Yoga Day: Noida NGO Makes Yoga Part Of Under Privileged Children Education Programme

On International Yoga Day the world is abuzz with the benefits of yoga. While for the educated and the privileged it is easy to access yoga camps and yoga studios, the real challenge is to spread awareness about yoga among the marginalized. An NGO based in Noida, decided to do exactly that. In their mission to educate underprivileged children, they have also included Yoga as an important part of their education plan.

Six Friends Who Teach For Free Are Aiming To Create 1000 Libraries Across The Country

The word ‘Sarvahitey’ means welfare for all. This is precisely what the initiative with the same name founded by a group of six friends have been doing. Sarvahitey was formed keeping a view in mind that majority of the Indian population is devoid of basic needs and basic infrastructure. Sarvahitey was formed to cater to the underprivileged, gradually making them self-sufficient to fulfill all their basic financial and obligatory needs.

Yoga part of under privileged children education programme, thanks to NGO

Even as efforts are underway to make people aware about Yoga and its advantages, an NGO based in Noida has already included Yoga as an important part of their education plan for underprivileged children. NGO, Sarvahitey which has been teaching children living in slums for the last 18 months at several locations in Delhi NCR. decided to include Yoga classes in the curriculum for the children.

MIT Study Says Pre-School Intervention Enhances Intuitive But Not Formal Mathematics, May Curb Learning Deficit In Indian Schools

A study conducted by researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on a group of pre-school students in Delhi revealed that math games help students to understand and retain numbers and mathematical concepts even a year later however, the result does not hold true for a longer period of time. The result bear strikingly for problems faced by children from poverty-stricken communities who face difficulty in grasping concepts especially in Mathematics when enrolled in a formal set up. 

Teaching Under A Tree, How An NGO Made Primary Education Available To Underprivileged Children In Gurugram

Amidst the high rise buildings and gated societies of Gurugram, are slums which provide shelter to a huge migrant population who work at construction sites and as domestic helps in apartments. Kids in such slums are often neglected when it comes to education. These migrants don't have enough resources to send their kids to schools. Many of them are not able to get admission in Government schools due to lack of proper identity proofs. Sarvahitey, an organization started by 6 friends has devised an interesting model to make inroads in such communities and provide education to kids. 

Building 1000 Libraries Across The Country Which Will Help In Bridging Cultural And Knowledge Gaps, Now In Nagaland

Sarvahitey, as we all know refers to the word, well-being of one and all. Sarvahitey, a group six friends have been doing exactly the same. The group was formed keeping in mind the majority of the Indian population who are devoid of basic needs and basic infrastructure. Apart from willing to bridge the gap between the fortunate and the far less fortunate, Sarvahitey is now aiming to imbibe the sense of self-sufficiency in each individual.

How 'Sarvahitey' Plans To Improve Education And Digital Literacy Through A Library In Nagaland

Ungma, a village in Mokochung district of Nagaland, is a cultural hub for the Ao Naga tribe in Nagaland. Considered to be the oldest village of Ao Nagas, the village is famous for its spectacular celebrations of traditional Naga festivals. Though, the village is rich in both natural and cultural beauty, it is largely unheard of in the mainland. To bridge the gap between Ungma and the whole of North-East India and mainland India, an NGO came up with the most interesting endeavor which involves education and books.

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