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Over the time we have introduced various new techniques of teaching like interactive learning, learning through practical experience, sharing of experiences with the students and other technological improvements like teaching through projectors. Along with teaching them curricular subjects, our main purpose is to open the minds of the youth, for a bright future. Our volunteers, thus, in the pursuit of educating all, for the benefit of all, teach underprivileged students from culturally, economically and socially diversified backgrounds.

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There's no sweeter pleasure for an avid book reader and a lover of literature and knowledge than to see his own library being established and its bookshelves filled, book by book. And Sarvahitey is all for knowledge. Thus, as a man would build his library like he would raise his child, Sarvahitey, having multiple members thought of something bigger, something better and something more inclusive. Having established 3 Libraries already, Sarvahitey is on its path to building more, and span the entire nation with Books, Knowledge and Education. 


Apart from our regular projects, there are certain projects, which we take up on circumstantial basis. Some occasions merit certain service that we take pride in performing. There is only one criterion that we base such impromptu projects- the good of all. These projects are done on their level of urgency. And as and when the occasion blesses us with an opportunity to serve the society. For these kinds of projects, we accept advice/suggestion of any and everyone. We debate on the viability of carrying out these projects, contact our volunteers on an urgent basis, discuss the execution


The NGO is aware of the climatic changes occurring globally and is weary of the negative effects of the same, whereby the activities of the people of the world, more so, the big corporations, is driving us to live in a world without an inhabitable environment. Sarvahitey, therefore, to negate the effects of those, who’re financially motivated, and couldn’t care less about the environment, has its efforts dedicated towards a resilient approach towards pollution. Sarvahitey, therefore, organizes various campaigns on a regular basis to better the condition of the environment.

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