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The initiative was undertaken with a motive to teach the children living in "Hoshiyarpur", a village neighbouring Noida. The drive behind this project was the eradication of dilapidated social, financial and most importantly, educational condition prevalent in the village. Starting with the kids of the village, the project has been gradually trying to target the uneducated adults, and the volunteers are trying to educationally and culturally uplift the parents of the kids who come to F-56, Sector 51, Noida.


Since the initiation of Vidya Vistar, the number of classes for this project have increased to 4 days, i.e. Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. While on the weekdays and Saturdays the core subjects are taught, including Maths, English, Science and Hindi, on Sundays the volunteers hold recreational and alternative education classes, like motivation through movies like Malgudi Days, quizzes and art and craft classes.


In the kids that come for Vidya Vistar, we got ourselves an empty canvas of minds, which required immense grooming, but with the constant support and zeal of the volunteers, that keep increasing in number on a weekly basis, we have been fortunate enough to instil some qualities in the kids. The rowdy, unruly kids that once refused to sit down at a place for more than 5 minutes now come regularly with much enthusiasm to be taught and garnered.


With the newly renovated place to study, we hope for better attendance and a wider scope of the target for the NGO. In the times to come, we have planned for enrolment of the kids in nearby schools for their overall development and a school education, without which it is highly difficult for the kids, in whom we see immense potential, to achieve the dreams that they’re building for themselves. We wish, with the help of our promoters and supported, to have an all-inclusive project, targeting people from all walks of life, who were unlucky enough not to be as privileged as us.

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