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Established in January, 2018, Vidya Vistar Lucknow started as a platform for targeting the grave condition illiteracy among the slum-dwellers of Lucknow, which has 713 slums in total. With a population of roughly 1500, Luv Kush Nagar has highly dedicated children and Sarvahitey felt the need for establishing a foothold in Lucknow, starting with the nearby Kalyan Apartments.

The Slums at Luv Kush Nagar are inhabited by immigrants who came to Lucknow in search of daily wage jobs, and found work in the high rises there, one of them being Kalyan Apartments. Due to one of our Project Heads being from Lucknow, and knowing the area, he sought to tackle the problem of illiteracy among the youth in the said slums. Thereafter, a shop was rented out to us to teach the children there, and now, such children are taught with much dedication by a group of volunteers who come to teach regularly.

In pursuit of dowsing the curiosity of the ever-eager children of Vidya Vistar Lucknow, the NGO hosts classes on Weekdays as well as Weekends. Though the attendance during the weekdays needs to be improved, Sarvahitey sees full attendance of around 40-50 children on weekends. The Classes have proved as a platform for a holistic improvement of the kids that attend the classes.

In addition to the children of the slum, Sarvahitey is also catering to the needs of the women. The volunteers have taken upon themselves to teach the women of the slums basic Hindi/English reading and writing, so as to avoid being tricked, and will also be teaching them personal hygiene and sanitation, for better health. This nascent project of Sarvahitey is sure to establish into a reckoning force in the education sector in Lucknow.

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