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Ankit Malhotra

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The world as an entity has gone corrupt. Humans have forgotten their purpose long back. The inevitable demise of individuals has led them astray because of the fear of passing away without having done much for themselves while alive. They have forgotten their insignificance in this universe, materialistically, and their spiritual significance. For  the previous decade, however, certain subset of people- philanthropists have come forward to give their own bits, in cash and in kind, for the humankind; for both, the underprivileged and the mis-privileged. These souls have given their life some noble purpose, and have tried to knock at the doors of God-hood proudly. Their endeavors have provided fruition to the lives of those who they serve. And, thus, their efforts have me motivated to do something for people who weren't as lucky in their birth as I was. I haven't really considered their motives while enduring the life of servitude. I, personally, am very selfish. I wish to grant my soul peace when I pass away, and realize Moksha. For that I shall serve the sons of God while I am on Earth. And for this very selfish purpose, I thought of joining hands with like-minded people; their motive might not be the same, but their actions are what have me working with them for the good of an individual, a community, a society, mankind. 

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