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Smriti Mehrotra

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It is equally endearing and mundane to quote a pre existing thought, be it in any sphere. However, my intent is to execute the following thought: "Social work is really all about how to help people make positive changes in their own lives, and by studying it you can’t fail to notice how to make positive changes in yours. It is a two-way learning pr ocess and not something you do for someone. " This two way process is naturally uplifting, but a conscious thought to it causes rapid development of the society.It is easy to tell someone that they need to see the good in life, but then we notice ourselves cribbing about our work life. It is easy to ask others to break free from societal taboos and make a difference in their lives, but then we find ourselves caving into a lifestyle that is 'expected' out of us. I intend to fight this temptation of losing the power over self. Social service constantly forces me to question myself and reflect on my work, my values, and my life. It brings me up against people who are battling bigger problems, putting everything in perspective and showing and overcoming the pitfalls anyone can fall into. Social service is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle. It is a learning in responsibility, relentless optimism and brings a new perspective on how you decipher life.It is this search to be a better human, which has made me be a part of Sarvahitey. Where like minded people, having different personalities yearn to achieve this way of life, I invite you to this adventure, and hope that life finds you too

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