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Bharat Datta

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The 'why' of Social Service is the most important element to me. At the outset, I must declare the absence of any holy or elevated notion about contributing to the society. My only endeavor is 'to be part of the solution'. The human nature, as I've observed, is to merely pass the buck, and that extends to all that is evil and imperfect in our socie ty. We all are ever ready to blame either the government or any individual for the existing problems in our society, but we're blinded towards our own flaws. We live in a dream, thinking that all the responsibilities are of the government, or someone external to us. But that's not true! Nobody is all encompassing, and thus no one can be the cause of the problem, or cause of the solution. We all have some load to bear, and to shrug it off, is criminal to me. The responsibility of the government somewhat ends at making the traffic laws and installing some police personnel; it is up to us to respect the law, society, and other human beings, by following the traffic norms. I want to be part of the solution, and not part of the problem. I want to at least try my hand at the process of solution, independent of success.

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