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Project #MyPincode Impact Story 3: Distress Call for Essentials by Construction Workers

Jasmeen, an IT worker, is the first technical operator from her locality, Pratap Camp. In the settlement of almost 150 families, working primarily as construction workers or domestic helps, most have zero to little savings and subsist on monthly wages.

She told us that at the beginning of the lockdown, that the employers of these workers paid wages to them for the first month on humanitarian grounds but then refused to pay further claiming that they themselves are facing paucity of funds.

So, Jasmeen reached out to us and conveyed that 14 families are in urgent need of essentials.

We immediately responded to the distress call and once we reached the camp we provided 17 families (3 additions after verifying the need) with monthly ration and hygiene products.

In order to ensure sustainability, we sought to utilize all possible channels. Therefore, we also guided the families for e-ration enrolment.

"Sab bolte hai madad karenge,par aap humaare beech mai aaye aur apne madad kari,yahi insaaniyat hai"

" सब बोलते है मदद करेगे, पर आप हमारे बीच आए और आपने मदद करी। यही इंसानियत है।"

- Jasmeen

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