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Project #MyPincode Impact Story 5: Pregnant Wife and Migrant Worker Sent Home

Ajeet Ram, a photographer, lives with his wife, parents and a 3 year old daughter.

He was unable to support his family during the lockdown period in the city because of wage cuts. He was keen on travelling to his village but was worried about his wife, Lakshmi, who was 8 months pregnant at that time.

Ajeet reached out to us and our team quickly prepared a plan of action and then we guided them and explained the different processes. We ensured proper safety during the travel to the train station and registration center via cab services. and throughout the journey. The ADM was also gracious in providing proper shelter and food at the screening centre.

We were also able to set up an online consultation with a gynaecologist to understand all preventive measures to be taken.

Lakshmi reached her village on 2nd June with her in-laws and her daughter. We are in regular touch with her and we are happy to announce that she is healthy and should be welcoming her child soon, in the comfort of her home with her in-laws. Her neighbours in the village have been also been very helpful in ensuring all facilities are provided.

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