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Project #MyPincode Impact Story 2: Dry Ration to Daily Wage Earners

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

CovidRelief: Here's Sohil's story

As millions of children began their online classes, a 15 year old boy, Sohil, started selling bananas to help his family during the lockdown period.

Sohil and his family came to NCR, 12 years ago, from Mahoba, a district in Uttar Pradesh. His father works as a mason to provide for a family of 9 members. The children study at the local school and attend evening classes at our centre.

Once the lockdown began, Sohil's father, started losing his contracts. This added a strain to the already mounting debt and led to a series of difficult conversations with the owners of their rented accommodation.

With regular access to ration from our drives, they had one less thing to worry about. However, they are still struggling with other essentials in the absence of a regular income. His father received a contract post-relaxation of rules. But, a fire related accident at the workplace, exacerbated their problems and created more debt.

We scavenge for every route, in distress, to help our families. As, Sohil, tries his best to help his family - we commend his efforts. We pledge to support him and his family, in every possible way, as they navigate through tough times.

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