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Project #MyPincode Impact Story 4: Dry Ration to Families that Lost Income

The media is bereft of news pertaining to the plight of small businesses. The lockdown has affected private firms that are dependent upon their clientele. Mr. Goswami is from Purnia, a district in Bihar. We met his family, when he enrolled his three children at our Vidya Vistar learning centre in Noida.

He works as a driver at a private travel agency, a company which heavily relies on tourism. With the onset of the lockdown, the owner immediately suspended all operations and Mr.Goswami lost his only source of income. Mamta, his daughter, and a bright student from our project, reached out to us and conveyed that their savings were dwindling. We assured her father that his family of five is just like our own and that we will help him through these tough times.

“NGO कि तरफ से बहुत मदद मिली हैं, चार चार बार राशन मिला है। हम आपका एहसान नहीं भूल सकते है”

- Mr. Goswami (her father)

We would like to thank our patrons who have supported us in this initiative. It is with their support that we have been able to help these families.

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