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The Trustees/Founding Members of Sarvahitey are supported and assisted in running the Projects by the respective Project Heads of each Vidya Vistar project. These are the points of contact for anyone wishing to associate themselves with the educational endeavors of Sarvahitey, and are the revered members of Sarvahitey, who are at the project whenever you need them. Although the Projects are spearheaded and brought to formation by the Trustees, the management and execution of these projects is done by the Project Heads. Further, any activity/workshop planned by the Trustees or Project Heads is also facilitated by these wonderful pillars of the NGO. The organization boasts of such project heads, who, though are categorized as Youth, organize Youth run projects and activities at those projects.


The Advisory Board is another proud segment of the Organization. The Advisory Board boasts of well achieved individuals who have taken the responsibility of taking Sarvahitey to its apex. The Advisory Board, among other things, makes connections for the NGO, and brings in new ideas and projects which the NGO, through its resources, can establish and bring to fruition.

The Advisory Board has also helped the NGO in fundraising and establishing of its Library at Kullu, among other various tasks, which has helped Sarvahitey in securing a foothold in the existing projects, be it Educational, Libraries, or Community Welfare. Whenever the NGO feels the need for having an unbiased perspective on the working of any of its project(s), the Trustees turn towards its Advisory Board.


Volunteers of Sarvahitey are its life-source. Without the volunteers, there will be no projects, and as Sarvahitey is more Volunteer-sourced than Finance-sourced, Volunteers make up for the most important part of the Organization.The Volunteers of Sarvahitey have tirelessly taken part in the harshest of weathers to see the successful execution of our projects, be it Vidya Vistar, Safai Abhiyan, Vastra Daan, Chai Drives, or even Assam Flood Relief Camps, and needless to say, we are proud of all of our Volunteers.

Surprisingly, Sarvahitey has Volunteers all over the country contributing to the NGO in whatever manner they can, regardless of whether Sarvahitey hosts a Project at their location or not. These Volunteers have kept in regular touch with the Organization and for this old an organization, Sarvahitey has an exceptionally large number of Volunteers, whom we rather consider as Members.


A Non-Profit Organization cannot run without a major portion of their monetary expenses coming from generous individuals or donors. Sarvahitey got lucky in the manner that it got quite a few generous individuals to back its endeavors and therefore, the success story of Sarvahitey, spanning only 3 years, is quite a lengthy one.

In addition to monetary donations, Sarvahitey has regular donors who contribute Clothes for Vastra Daan Drives, Books for our Libraries and other material donations, for either our Disaster Relief Campaigns or otherwise, just to facilitate the progress of our Projects. The organization has been lucky to have such donors contact the NGO as soon as a thought of charity crosses their minds. We always look forward to giving all these Donors and Patrons their time and money’s worth, by keeping every transaction transparent, and open to inquiry by them, to check on the progress through each Rupee donated by them.

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