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One of the Trustees of Sarvahitey is also on the Board of Directors of a school in Mewat, Haryana. This gave him a fairly good picture of the condition of education and literacy in Village Babupur in Mewat. Along with that, he saw the urgent need for spreading the habit of reading in the village. This saw the initiation of Project Paper Bridge of Sarvahitey, wherein Sarvahitey pledges to establish various Libraries throughout India, to start spreading awareness towards reading among the rural population, and thereafter, to spread the knowledge of culture of different regions of India, among Indians.

Since the establishment of Paper Bridge Mewat, Sarvahitey has been able to conduct various other community welfare projects such as hosting regular cleanliness drives in the area, making the area Open Defecation Free, and planting 1500 trees in Nuh District, Mewat. The Library now sees regular in-flow of enthusiastic readers and when the roots of the project are so strong, the other Libraries of Sarvahitey will flourish in its intent of making everyone Readers, and thereafter, Dreamers.

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