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On one of their trips across the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, the members of Sarvahitey came across Bathad Village in the Kullu Valley and were immediately smitten by the beauty of the place. On enquiry, they were informed of the grim condition of education around the village. Thus, taking the least amount of time in making the decision, Sarvahitey decided to start a Library there. Through the library, as is with other states, where we are establishing one, Sarvahitey aims to cater to three different section of people. The primary focus of the library is towards the students of Sr. Secondary School, Bathad. Sarvahitey has placed ample books in the library to fascinate as well as attract students towards extra-curricular reading and looking beyond academic books. The next focus group is the general public of the village who, though can read and write, but doesn’t spend its time in a productive manner, which includes, among other activities, the glorious habit of reading.

Sarvahitey has plans of setting up infrastructure for the population of Bathad Village to visit the library at least twice a week and develop a habit of regular reading, for the purposes of entertainment, personality development and initiate informative knowledge. Further, now, Sarvahitey also organized regular Cleanliness Drives around the Library, to clean the area, along with spreading awareness regarding the same. In addition to the locals, Sarvahitey also plans to target tourists and visitors. The project also proposes to place books of various languages, to attract and steal the attention of foreign nationals coming to Kullu to relax and spend quality time in the vicinity of nature, while surrounded by books, and, of course, vice versa. Through this project, Sarvahitey also plans to promote tourism through a library in the village, which can, above all, also generate employment for the locals.

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