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“You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” - Kahlil Gibran

India is a land of the spinning wheel, and self-woven clothes. Despite that, however, billions go to sleep bareback. The motto of Roti-Kapda-Makaan is still a dream for millions. We, at Sarvahitey, try to fulfill the dreams of these people in whatever manner we can. And thus, each month we go around Delhi, meet people who are devoid of adequate clothing and try to provide them with clothes so as to cover their modesty.So, during the week where we plan of donating clothes, we survey the specific area (the suggestion for such places is welcome), take advice as to who all are in dire need of clothes in the area, meet up with the headman and device a plan as to how to go about the donation and take as many volunteers along to help organize a flawless drive.


Each season our clothes undergo a lot of hardships along with us. As a result, they fade, go out of size, go out of fashion, tear along the edges and even lose a button or two, among other things. What do we do with them? We throw them away or tear them in the middle and start using them as dusting cloths. In a country where clothing is a luxury, branded clothes go to waste. Thus, we collect those clothes, which are in decent shape, from whomever is willing to donate and carry their blessings to those in need. We collect other wearable items, like blankets, socks, shoes, scares, caps, etc, and even utensils for that matter. The collected clothes and other items are then organized and packed according to different sizes, genders and categories and gifted (rather than just given).


We have gifted these clothes, blankets, etc. at various locations around Delhi NCR, like Majnu ka Tila, Vidhan Sabha locality, Nizamuddin, Noida (various sectors), Vasant Kunj, Masoodpur, Sarai Kale Khan among others. So, to become a part of our Cloth Donation Drives, we urge you to come forward and give us your contribution in three ways: 

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