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Sarvahitey conducts annual Flood Relief Campaign in Assam during the months of August-September. After one of such Flood Relief Camps, Sarvahitey saw that the Seven Sisters of the North-East had been completely ignored as far as its education and awareness regarding the rest of India was concerned. And this was a visual heaven in its own. This was the beginning of Sarvahitey’s association with the Northeast in regards to its Project Paper Bridge. Sarvahitey got in touch with the Nagaland State Legal Services Authority and thereafter, when the latter loved the idea, Sarvahitey, in association with Nagaland SLSA, devised a plan to open several libraries across Nagaland.

The first one was inaugurated in Chingmei Village, Tuanseng District, and is in direct cohesion with our plans of making these libraries into Cultural Centres as our Library at Chingmei Village has been established in a straw hut overlooking the beauty that Nagaland has to offer. Paper Bridge Chingmei will be a mirror into the culture of Nagaland, and Sarvahitey has taken up the onus of spreading the same to the rest of the country.

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