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“You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” - Kahlil Gibran

Each year in the months of August/ September, Assam faces extreme floods due to its topography. The mighty Brahmaputra along with its fourteen tributaries flush the entire state. Lakhs of people get affected in 28 districts and several lakh people are forced to inhabit relief camps. The numbers amply express the magnitude of disaster and the urgency of help and support required at that time in Assam.

Sarvahitey, in its all-round service, does its bit in this calamity. Members of our NGO talk to people working on ground there and keep in regular touch with government officials who are in charge of providing relief materials to the people. After proper consultation and deliberation Sarvahitey decides to send whatever material is required for the people, in utmost urgency. Material like mosquito nets, Odomos, sanitary pads, and tents have been sent as relief material to Assam. Further, food grains and rice etc. are also sent for the fulfillment of nutritional needs.

Several members of Sarvahitey, most of them from Assam, personally visit the affected areas in Assam, without concern for their comfortable lives in the metropolitan.

Through this relief drive, hundreds of kgs of Rice and Dal, several litres of edible oil, hundreds of Tents which could house thousands of people, Mosquito Nets, Mosquito Repellents, ORS (4 per person), and several hundred T- Shirts have been distributed in Assam in the previous years to the affected brethren in the north-eastern state.

In 2016, Gahpur was one of the worst affected areas in Assam, and the relief that had been provided in that area was not sufficient for the people. So our members along with their friends went from Nagaon to Gahpur through a combination of Road, Boat and on Foot. We also had help from the District Collector, Additional District Collector and other members of the administration of the district. Among all of the volunteering camps, ours was the largest.

In 2017, a team from Sarvahitey reached Morigaon District where we were welcomed with open arms, and we distributed food and relief material to hundreds of families in the villages of Mayong. Although it was disheartening to see the lack of media coverage of a disaster at such a big scale, Sarvahitey made sure that the newspapers covered the calamity, and brought enough attention in public so as to sensitise them towards helping our brothers in the North-East. 

Every year thereafter we have been annually conducting these Flood Relief Drives as the situation continues to remain the same. Every single year Assam is inundated and lives are lost, lakhs are displaced, animals die and property is destroyed.


This year, in 2020,  71 lives have already been lost & 15 lakh people have been displaced in just 15 days. Covid-19 had already claimed 50 lives in the past 4 months. As many as 27 districts are under distress and thousands of animals including endangered species are battling for life. Immense damage has been caused to property.

Let's do our best to help Assam come back stronger. Our resolve to provide relief to Assam this year is stronger than ever.

We thank each and every person associated with this project for this huge support. This is what keeps Sarvahitey going.


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